Too young to work, too old to play

That’s it! Your child does not want to go to regular summer camps anymore but he is too young to work. What will he do this summer?

We can’t pinpoint the exact moment when it happens but, one day, your child does not want to go to summer camp. He does not want to ride his bike either. He does not know what to do with himself. He is always afraid to look ridiculous and he made it clear that he wants new responsibilities. Because you don’t really want to hear him repeat the same boredom refrain all summer, here are a few ideas to keep him busy and help him have a good time.

Despite your best efforts and his complexion worthy of the Cullen family in Twilight, he refuses to go outside. He prefers the comfort of your home and he begs you to respect his time management. If your child is homebody, suggest babysitting courses, house chores and ask him to practice his sports and arts.

Babysitting course

Babysitting courses have many advantages. First, your child will learn basic care and safety rules to take care of a young child. Knowing all this, he will be able to babysit, earn a bit of money or help your family now and again. These courses also give him good reflexes in case of domestic accidents and it will reassure you when you leave him alone at home. The course only lasts eight hours and it will be useful for a long time.

A light schedule

Spending time alone in the house does not mean he has to do nothing. To get him moving, give him a few chores at various times of day like emptying the dishwasher, dusting, walking the dog, picking apples, mowing the lawn, planting flowers… By going out for a little while, he will get his daily dose of vitamin D and if he whines about his tasks, maybe he will find ideas that suit him.


If your child has guitar, piano, drawing, singing or dance lessons, encourage him to practice during the day. If he practices a little bit each day, he will have gained a lot of experience by the end of summer.

If, instead, your child is very active or if he needs guidance, send him to a camp that is appropriate for his age group. Several interesting camps were created with teenagers in mind and will help them have fun all summer.

Sports camps

Sports are always appropriate, regardless of age. Obviously, some sports are more attractive than others but several sports centers offer “adrenaline” camps that will challenge your teen and leave him exhausted in the evening. Other types of sports camps might be available in your area such as horse riding, windsurfing, sailing or hand gliding. Some advanced courses like diving and mountain bike are now within the reach of your child.

Circus school

Circus school is very popular with young people who learn fascinating disciplines and who will find less conventional theatrical experiences. Several circus schools offer summer camps.

Other camps may be more appropriate for your child. Community gardens, theater camps, camping, wilderness survival, kayak and rock climbing also exist. Suggest many options, surely you will find something that interests him. It is even possible that your teenager who looked so unmotivated in spring finishes summer with tons of stories to tell and new passions!

Other ideas
  • Garden. Give him the responsibility of a few plants, whether flowers or vegetables. Watering and weeding every day will give him responsibilities and skills! Add to the experience by suggesting making a herbarium.
  • Photos. Digital cameras are now affordable enough for younger people to have one. Suggest creating a picture story to put together on rainy days. Who knows, he may enjoy writing screenplays.
Image de Anne Costisella

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