Understanding the teenage crisis

Understanding the teenage crisis

In addition to addressing you in a very bad English, your child suddenly forgot about the notion of respect. Is that what we call the teenage crisis?

July 15, 2019
How to: Dealing with your child's first heartbreak

How to: Dealing with your child's first heartbreak

With their little eyes full of tears, your son or daughter swears that they will never fall in love again. A child’s first heartbreak is devastating. Can we pick up the pieces of their broken hearts?

February 18, 2019
Dealing with bullies

Dealing with bullies

Knowing that your child is being bullied is very difficult to live with. Here’s what you can and should do if it happens to you.

April 30, 2018

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COVID-19 - Parents are heroes too!

Being a parent during this pandemic is not easy. You are all living different situations and you all have your own challenges and fears. But you also all have something in common: you are your children’s heroes!

Pregnancy a trimester at a time

It was previously believed that musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy was an integral part of the changes that women face. We now know that these discomforts can be prevented and mitigated.

Last time my breastfeeding experience went poorly - this time I want it to be different

Unfortunately, we still read and hear about moms who had a really difficult time breastfeeding with their first baby. This could involve anything from not mastering breastfeeding in the first few days to ongoing breastfeeding problems or worries about low milk supply.

Learning to ride a bicycle

You can imagine your hand leaving his bicycle in slow motion and sending him to… a fall? Of course not! You are offering him freedom… it is indeed a big day!