Get everything you need to breastfeed in public!

The Boob Beanie

What an original idea to present proudly that you are breastfeeding while offering some privacy. The Boob Beanie is a small and cozy hat to put on your baby's head, and it features a funny representation of a breast and a nipple. Perfect to promote breastfeeding in public while having fun! $ 17,95

Moboleez breastfeeding hat

The MoBoleez nursing hat offers another stylish option to breastfeed in public and away from prying eyes thanks to its large edges that hide your chest while providing protection against the sun, light and sounds to your baby. $ 29

Breastfeeding apron

For those who are looking for even more privacy, the trendy breastfeeding aprons available at Clement are the accessories you need. You can choose for three colors and patterns that coordinate perfectly with your clothes while allowing you to breastfeed in public without being shy. $ 40

Breastfeeding shirt

The Momzelle breastfeeding shirt is the perfect companion to a nursing bra and allows you to breastfeed quickly and easily no matter where you are. The opening at the breast offers you some privacy and the fun « I make milk » slogan is sure to earn you a smile or two! $ 45,95

Skin-to-skin baby carrier shirt

For fans of baby carriers, this skin-to-skin baby carrier shirt offers you the possibility to hold baby comfortably warm against you while you are feeding him. The shirt is also equipped with a support to help your stomach regain its pregnancy shape! $ 65,95

Breastfeeding bracelet

Why a breastfeeding bracelet? Because when you're in the middle of a frenzy afternoon of shopping, it's not always to remember where you're at in your nursing sessions! This handy bracelet has a side that shows the word Left and the other side shows the word Right, while a small token can be attached at the time of the last nursing. $ 6,99

Travel breastfeeding pillow

The My breast friend travel pillow is inflatable so it takes barely any space in your luggage and yet once inflated, will offer all the comfort baby needs to nurse. Available in two colors, 50 $

Set of protective shells

The Isis Comfort protective shells by Philips Avents fills several functions: they allow you to collect the milk that leaks between nursing, protects your cracked nipples from irritation and makes breastfeeding more comfortable. $ 22,99

Breastfeeding pads’ pocket

The breastfeeding pads’ pocket is a small pouch that you can use at home or when you are out to store your cloth nursing pads so you don't lose them in the diaper bag, and so they're always handy when you need them. The fact that it looks like a little make-up bag is just a bonus! 14,99 $

Welcome to nursing mothers!

It's important to remember that under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Quebec, the right of women to breastfeed in public is protected. However, there are some initiatives across the province that enable businesses, public places and restaurants to proudly display a sign that welcomes breastfeeding moms where you can see the international breastfeeding logo. Among these, you can find the popular chain of St-Hubert restaurants, Premiere Moisson boutiques and several independent cafes and restaurants in the Montreal region.

In addition, the non-profit organization Nourri-Source has recently launched a new Route du Lait, an initiative involving businesses that agree to display a small blue sticker showing a happy family with a nursing mother. For now, the project is only located within the city of Montreal, with 17 businesses having already joined like restaurants, cafes, bookstores, boutiques and even an SAQ. Find the complete list (which continues to be updated regularly) on the Nourri-Source Facebook page.

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