Weird and funny baby products

After having browsed the web to find the best products for babies so many times, we’ve come across products that are sometimes weird and really funny we wanted to share with you!

The Crumb Cap

We won’t lie, babies who are learning to eat solids really isn’t doing great things for the state of our kitchens. But the scientific alien look of the Crumb Cap is a little much, don’t you think? Although, it could have been useful for baby’s first birthday and that chocolate cake…!

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Being a new mom takes you on an adventure that is full of surprises and challenges. If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, you’re probably looking forward to a positive experience, filled with special moments between you and your little one.

You can say no!

“On Saturday I have a dinner at my sister’s house, on Sunday, I have brunch with Mary and then I have to  help Caroline move out. I am overwhelmed!” And I did not want to do any of that!

Daredevil kids

Some kids are reckless beyond reason. We try to hold them back, but they always find a way to climb everywhere and continuously put themselves in dangerous situations.

Nervous Tics In Children

She gnaws at her nails while her play buddy cracks his fingers. Why are some children likely to develop nervous symptoms?