Storage solutions


We know the benefits of having plants inside our home, but they often take up too much space on our coffee and dining tables. Urbio solutions have created an original wall garden that looks super modern and which allows you to attach a magnetic plate to the wall and to put plant pots of different sizes containing all your favorite plants and flowers. $ 15 for a wall plate and between $ 15 and $ 35 for pots.

Magnetic spice jars

You’re always wasting time looking for your spices when you’re cooking? These magnetic spice jars resolve this problem! You only have to attach the base to your wall and fill the jars with your favorite spices so you always have them handy when cooking. $ 19,99

Hat and coat rack

This hat and coat rack is mounted on your wall and it’s perfect for storing your outdoor accessories like summer hats, winter hats, mittens, gloves and scarves. The fact that they are out in plain view makes it easier to find what we need when are in a rush. The hooks are adjustable so you can use them according to your needs. $ 79,99

Shoe shelves

You just can’t stand to see that mountain of shoes accumulating in your foyer? Get rid of that problem by installing shoe shelves hidden in your closet so you can keep your shoes tidy! $ 34,99

Video gaming console storage

Your kids are always leaving their videogames all over the house and the consoles are taking too much space? This video gaming console storage is installed on your wall and allows you to keep game consoles, games and even accessories like controllers and guitars well organized. $ 59,99

Lifter Hamper

The Lifter Hamper is an innovative laundry basket that has been created to make your life easier when doing laundry. With a basket that springs up at the same time as you are emptying it, you will no longer have to bend over to pick up the last clothes at the bottom of the bag and hurt your back in the process. $ 30 at

Remote control pocket

You are always losing the remote? You can install this remote control pocket easily on the arm of your sofa and you can place up to four remotes in it so you never have to miss a show because you lost the remote again! $ 5,99

Table clutter

You know that little table that just seems to attract any and all kinds of clutter? This side table is available in two models: one that contains a large bowl and the other that has 4 small bowls on the table’s surface, allowing you to store your accessories, beautiful potted plants or even fresh fruits without it looking messy. Both models have a small shelf below that is perfect to store books or magazines. Table with 4 bowls, $ 39,99, table with one bowl, $ 29,99.

Slide-out Wastebasket

If you keep walking over your wastebasket as you’re going about your activities in the kitchen, you will love this slide-out wastebasket that you can install easily in your cabinets and which allows you to save space and control odors. $ 64,99

Wall storage

This wall storage serves as both a nice decoration for your child’s room and handy storage pockets for small items like toys, stuffed animals, books and slippers. $ 29,99 for the Crocodile or the Cow wall storage.

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