Be ready for winter

Don’t wait for the last minute

The day after Halloween (sometimes even before!) Christmas items are already in stores. Try to identify when the stores near you get their winter clothes out and don’t wait to make your choice: you may end up being disappointed when you find out there’s nothing left!

Stock up!

You bought the perfect kit and the colors match perfectly… But not even two weeks later, they're missing a hat and a glove! Don’t expect them to try to find it at school in the lost and found bin, most children tend to ignore it just as they do chores!

Attach those gloves

Your child is too big for the mittens with strings or ties but always loses their gloves wherever they go? Feel free to add a string or ties to their gloves yourself to avoid going through your stocks too quickly!

Too pretty to be worn?

We want them to understand the cost of things. Clothes are expensive! But be careful not to scare them either! A mom tried to make her daughter understand that she couldn’t lose her beautiful mittens, scarf and hat but she insisted so much, her daughter refused to wear them all winter! At least she didn’t lose them!

Quality vs price

Parents are always looking for bargains to save a little money here and there! We recommend that you do not skimp on the price of winter clothes under the pretext that you will save a few bucks. Compare the quality and price of different suits and choose one that will keep your child warm while being budget friendly.


Sometimes, despite all our precautions, their level of activity and the time spent outdoors make it so their clothes tear over time. Don’t forget to purchase some patches so you’re prepared when it happens!

Rack to dry the boots

Because we all know wet boots take forever to dry and kids don’t have time to wait before they can go back outside and play, a rack is essential! You can find some simple ones and even electric ones that will heat up to dry your boots faster!

Keep their skin hydrated

The cold and the wind can make their little cheeks all red and sore so don’t forget to apply a balm on their cheeks and moisturizer to relieve their skin!

A change of clothes

For outings, at school…wherever you go really! When kids play outside, they rarely have the time to think about staying dry and in the long run, their clothes become so humid or even wet that they could catch a cold. To avoid endless runny noses, better prepare some spare clothes!

Stock-up on hot chocolate and marshmallows

We all remember our mom's famous hot chocolate cup full of marshmallows after hours playing the snow. What a great opportunity to start this tradition with your own kids!

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