Buy Pink - 2012

Because cancer still exists after all these years and to help find a cure, here are many ways to support the fight against breast cancer.

Botanix tulips

Planting a bulb and waiting a full winter before seeing its flower is a strong symbol that could represent both healing and research. Let’s plant tulips for the cure! Available from Botanix, the “Rose Incarnat” ADMIRATION tulips will also bloom in several municipalities in the spring of 2013!

“Rose Incarnat” ADMIRATION tulips, Botanix, 8 for $7.99

This week
14 unmistakable pregnancy signs

Do you think you might be pregnant but you’re not 100% sure? If you relate to these 14 signs, you should definitely head to your local pharmacy to buy that pregnancy test you’ve been thinking about!

Trying to conceive

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of not being able to get pregnant? Once, twice, three times? The desire to have a child is so intense that it makes the waiting period unbearable. Just remember to never lose hope.

Pregnancy: good and bad advice

When you are pregnant, you should not wear a necklace or eat peanut butter… Some pieces of advice given to pregnant women are not that good… Take a look!

Breastfeeding and medication

Some women cannot breastfeed because of their medication. Fortunately, those cases are rare. Keep reading for some explanations and recommendations.