What unusual things can we find in your purse?


Incredibly practical to cut straws that are too long and tend to hide in our kids’ noses at the restaurant or to avoid the upcoming crisis when your child notices the offensive tag on the new hat you just bought them to make them happy!

A pair of shoes

Why, do you ask? Imagine a pleasant walk out with the stroller. Your little one is dangling their feet in happiness. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. And then, you notice your little angel has lost a shoe, oh no! Don’t panic, super mommy will come to the rescue!

A pharmacy

What if baby had an allergic reaction? Surely some Benadryl wouldn’t hurt… And why not some band aids just to make sure, and while we are there, a little ointment, a thermometer in case of a fever, and of course some sun screen! Yes, you’ve got it right: moms just can’t afford to be caught unaware!

Purse? Diaper bag!

Sorry? A purse? Never heard of it! All jokes aside, a lot of moms shared on our Facebook page that their handbags had transformed more into diaper bags or even luggage!

« With three kids and another one on the way, I must say my purse is now my family’s diaper bag! I have everything in there… »

« A purse? What’s that! Hahaha, I also use my diaper bag now! »

« With three young kids, I don’t have any hands free for a handbag, but I do use a big diaper bag where I carry simply everything! »

« Most people call my purse ‘The luggage’. Doesn’t that tell you everything? »


An essential when we are waiting in a long line at the store on a busy Saturday afternoon of shopping. Though we urge you to stay away from noisy toys, they tend to be a little embarrassing as can be seen by this comment on our Facebook page.

« Toys to occupy baby… Always funny when your purse squeaks when you’re waiting in line at the store! Thanks Sophie the Giraffe! »

Wet wipes

You think those wipes are only good to wipe your baby’s cute little butt? Think again, these wonderful wipes will do wonders to help remove dust in your car or grease on the oven! I have also used them quite often to clean my kids’ chocolate covered clown faces at the restaurant!


If we stop and think about it, putting pacifiers in your purse isn’t really hygienic, but what mom hasn’t done it once in a while? After all, all you need to do is rub them with the wet wipes! All jokes aside, the pacifier saved our lives more than once!


Kids love to eat. Often. A good mom knows she must always bring a lot of little snacks when planning an activity to preserve their mental health! Just make sure you don’t forget these aforementioned snacks in your bag for too long to avoid nasty surprises!

Papers, more papers

If we went through all the papers we have in our purse, we would probably find bills from six months ago, old bus passes and maybe even grocery shopping list including diapers when your kids haven’t worn diapers for at least a year! Bonus: those old Kleenex you forgot that have since been destroyed in a million pieces at the bottom of your bag!

Bonus: And daddy, in his pockets?

A little anecdote to make you smile: My husband was talking with his employees at work (they are moms too!) while looking in his pocket for a pen. What he ended up finding instead were two mini My Little Pony with their hair brushes, one Cinderella hair pin and a Barbie shoe. You can imagine his employees’ reaction! What a manly man I have there!

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