Shop and save!

Look around!

Some stores offer rebates that are somewhat… subtle. You will only see them if you actually walk in the store so don’t hesitate to step inside and take a look!

Also, companies often offer detachable rebate coupons in grocery stores. This is an easy way to help consumers discover new products while making you save money. Don’t hesitate to grab a few and keep them at home for future visits to the grocery store!

Use your cards!

Use your Air Miles card to accumulate miles and exchange them for a range of products and services. You don’t have many points and it doesn’t seem to be fast enough? Why don’t you use your points on a magazine subscription? It can be an interesting way to take advantage of your points quickly while saving a few dollars by not buying magazines at the grocery store!

You can collect Gifts to Grow rewards by finding codes inside each Pampers package. Your points can then be traded for different products.

You may already know that your CAA card allows you to drive worry free by offering you a variety of services (gas delivery, towing, unlocking doors, a Drive-You-Home service, etc.) and rebates in several hotels, tourist attractions and boutiques. See the list here. What you may not know is that you can also accumulate CAA Dollars. Those dollars can be used to reduce or even pay for your renewal or for many other CAA products and services.

Pharmaprix pharmacies invite you to enjoy the Optimum Points system. Moms that are members can double their points throughout the year when buying particular baby products.

Do you often go to fast food restaurants like Sushi Shop or Tim Hortons? These places often offer the opportunity to get a loyalty card of even to enroll in a rewards program. Try to identify which locations offer those perks so you can use them!

Too busy to cook?

Not enough time on your hands to read the flyers? Fortunately, the website SOS Cuisine does the work for you. On this site, you can find a selection of rebates for all your local supermarkets. They even suggest meal ideas using the ingredients featured in the current flyer deals. Awesome!

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