Shop and save!

Making money while you shop… that’s every woman’s dream! While it is not really going to happen, there are ways to save a few bucks and to spend less.

We love practical shopping!

If you walk into l’Aubainerie, you will be pleased to discover their wonderful collections. Affordable and practical (elastic waist pants and skirts), the clothes are absolutely gorgeous. That is guaranteed to please both your kids and your wallet.

When going to Winners, take a deep breath and remember that patience is of the essence. There are great deals there and if you look carefully and take your time, you may find everything you need and save money in every aisle.

Old Navy stores also have very tempting sales that will allow you to double your purchases for the same price! It is particularly great to buy bodysuits for your babies and jeans for the whole family!

We love coupons!

To save money, you can order coupons that will be delivered right to your door. You can also visit the Deal street website to receive more coupons and see flyers.

Some websites also guide you through the best offers and direct you to reduction coupons. Among these websites, you can visit:

Some baby product companies can also send you samples and rebates.

In addition, features a lot of sales in warehouses, liquidation centers and outlets, making it easy to find great saving opportunities.

Finally, we recommend you sign up for the mailing lists of the companies you often buy products from and become a fan of their Facebook page. Companies regularly offer special deals to their members to thank them for their loyalty and you can enjoy even more ways to save!

Online shopping

Online shopping is getting more and more popular and so many sites offer you great savings! If you’re looking for brand clothes without breaking your budget, we invite you to discover Beyond the Rack where you can enjoy up to 80% off fashion items, cosmetics and decorations.

If you subscribe to sites like Tuango, Montreal à Rabais, DealTicker or Groupon, you will receive daily offers that invite you to enjoy an event like a dinner at a restaurant or discounts in various stores at a rebate. A great way to save money while having fun!

Want to go on a trip? Many sites like Expedia, iTravel2000 and offer amazing discounts and even last minute trips at great prices.

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