10 little extras for school

Teach me time alarm clock

Late sleepers remember their mom’s voice that deeply hurt them as she woke them up from an awesome dream. That’s because it is still dark outside when parents wake children up for school in December. This alarm clock and its progressive light will help them wake up gently. Also, because there are two types of clocks, analogic and digital, it will help your child to read time.

Teach Me Time alarm clock, Indigo, $ 49.95

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Ear infections, antibiotics, and prevention

Becoming a parent also means being acquainted with several small infections encountered during our own childhood. Ear infections are numerous and can leave you having lots of questions. We try to respond to the most frequent ones.

My child is often absentminded!

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A teenager’s bedroom

Your teenager's bedroom is a disaster. You even invented new words to describe this horrendous place where food and clothes seem to blend into a new kind of carpet but your child doesn't seem to mind. What can you do?

My child is smelly!

Your child is now 6 years old. The innocence of childhood still shines brightly in his or her eyes but… they're smelly! When your child gets hot, you scrunch your nose and smell a tinge of sweat. Are they too young for deodorant?