10 little extras for school


You will always have to write your child’s name on all of his belongings before school begins. At first, we think that writing down with a black marker will do but we soon realize that there are better solutions. There are so many things to identify that these iron-on labels are worth it. They will stay in place for a long time and even after you wash your child’s clothes. For other items, you can buy printable labels and print the amount you need at home.

Iron-on labels, Clément, $ 13 for 100 labels.

Locker accessories

Of course, locker accessories are not absolutely necessary but improving these otherwise boring lockers that will be in front of your child all year, these are worth a few dollars. Your daughter will give a homey look to her locker with these curtains, mirrors and magnetic chandeliers.

Mirror, curtains and chandelier, Locker Lookz, $ 6.99 and $ 24.99

Teach me time alarm clock

Late sleepers remember their mom’s voice that deeply hurt them as she woke them up from an awesome dream. That’s because it is still dark outside when parents wake children up for school in December. This alarm clock and its progressive light will help them wake up gently. Also, because there are two types of clocks, analogic and digital, it will help your child to read time.

Teach Me Time alarm clock, Indigo, $ 49.95

Banana guard

If you already tried to put a banana in your child’s lunchbox, you know exactly what it looks like after a few hours. This banana guard will allow you to keep this great fruit on the menu and it will keep your child’s backpack old-banana-free.

Banana guard, Jet-Setter, $ 6.00

Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary

Dictionaries are not mandatory at home but they are their first reference books. This one will also teach them word history, pronunciation and Greek and Latin word root paragraphs to aid spelling and vocabulary building.

Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary, Chapters, $ 20.85

Bulletin board

To organize their schedule, pin birthday invitations and as a creation board, this simple object makes miracles. It is also a great way to avoid turning your fridge into a gigantic signboard.

Bulletin board, Staples, $ 29.99


Because we can never find one when we need it and because using that specific model requires an authorization at school, here is a sharpener that will always be in place.

Manual sharpener, Denis, $ 24.99 or electric $ 34.99

Soft oil pastel set

A great variety of crayons, stickers and scrapbooking material can make all the difference between a great project and a so-so project. Several times each year, your child will present projects and speeches that will have to be illustrated and if you make sure that he has everything he needs to unleash his creativity and visually express his ideas, he will succeed more easily.

Soft oil pastel sets, DeSerres, between $ 6.99 and $ 18.99

Wall calendar

All kids have their own school agenda, but it can only be used if your child remembers to fill it in and bring it home! Don’t take any chance and buy a wall calendar for your child’s study station. That way, homework, lessons, tests, assignments, PD days and school trips will have no secrets for you! The squares are big enough to write important dates for more than one child, but because there are more than one style available (and because they’re all nice!), buy more than one if you have enough room on your wall.

Hilroy Wall Calendar, $8.99 at Walmart

Fashion clipboard

At first, children do their homework on their desk or on the kitchen table but soon, they bring their books on their bed, on the couch or in the car. To avoid scratches and half-erased pages, buy a clipboard that will provide them with a hard surface wherever they go.

Fashion clipboard, Staples, $ 5.24

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