Back to school gadgets

We can make school look interesting! We found 8 gadgets that can be purchased online. They should help you make school look like a lot of fun, wherever you are…

Take notes!

If you are the kind of girl who wastes a lot of precious time choosing your outfits and those of your kids, stop reinventing yourself everyday! Start writing down outfits that suit you best, from clothing to earrings! That way, you will remember all your best combos! An organized mom is chic!
What to Wear notepad, $7.99

Smiling lunch

This one is for the green moms and dads. This lunchbox allows you to separate your foods without using plastic containers. It is made of the best recyclable and food-safe plastic on the market. The lunchbox comes with hundreds of stickers to change “its face” and to identify the included 8 oz. bottle. You can also buy additional sticker sets. For older kids and serious parents, there is a Too Cool for Ears version… without the ears.
Goodbyn Lunchbox, $29.50

Homework mechanics…

If your child is reluctant to start his homework, this little robot may be just what you need. For 5,95$, you can wind up this robot and it will make him walk towards your child… holding the pen in his claws. Homework is easier with an assistant!
Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener, $5.95

Temporary imagination

You probably saw the lip tattoo already but here is the child version: the temporary hand tattoo! Your child will transform his hand into a monster or an animal and explore a strange new world with this modern puppet!
Temporary hand tattoos, $5.99

Ace your classes

To study at home the notions learned in class, to enrich your child’s vocabulary by writing a few new words every day or just as a restaurant board in the kitchen, this stick-on chalkboard will be so useful that you will wonder what you ever did without it!
Big chalkboard at Omer Deserres, $24.95


It’s time to relax and what’s better for children than bathing in a pink or blue gooey bath? H2Goo turns your bath water into a colourful jelly and back again with only two little pouches of powder. It’s truly magical! Don’t worry, it won’t stain your kids and it won’t clog your drain, we know, we tried it!
H2Goo, $6.00

Ô captain! My captain!

This is a great way to enrich your child’s vocabulary and a fun way to teach him a little French… These French and English magnetic poetry collections will allow you to write messages and to leave love notes on the fridge…
Magnetic poetry kit, $19.76 (in French) and $16.46 (in English)

Draw a line in the pavement

For your little artists, Crayola’s 3D markers and 3D Giant Chalk are brilliant! You just have to wear the 3D glasses and his dragon will glide and the colors will all be at different levels.
3D markers and 3D Giant Chalk, $10.99 and $7.99

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