End of the year stress

With the end of the year come the last exams, the last grades, the big summer holidays and, for some, a change of school. Is your child happy about all those events? What about you?

The last exams

The Ministry of Education exams can be very stressful for children who have difficulty in class. They know that these exams mean that they will reach a new level and that the results will remain in their file, making it a bigger test than what they are used to.

Teachers usually prepare children a lot and give them appropriate homework that will prepare them for any eventuality, even the dreaded trick questions. To avoid tiring your child the night before the exams, help them study a little bit each night during the weeks preceding the test period. Do not forget that a child who eats and sleeps well will find it easier to focus.


Some children are overjoyed by new adventures and will be happy to spontaneously change their schedule. For others, changing school or the end of a very tight schedule can be extremely stressful. If your child is very organized by nature, do not hesitate to create a light summer schedule. Keep in mind that he is used to have breakfast, take the bus, have snacks, study and sleep at regular times.

You can also invite friends over from time to time to make sure that your children keep in touch with the ones they see every day in school. They will also be happy to share the incredible and legendary summer adventures with someone.


After this long school year, children can finally enjoy a few months of holidays and sun. For you, on the other hand, it is a bit more complicated than that. Unless you are a teacher (in which case, you have the same end-of-year stress as the children), you will have two to four weeks off. Because it is the last time you can have some free time before Christmas, you want to enjoy your summer vacations to the fullest. You want to have fun with the kids, travel, relax, adjust a few things around the house or undertake major renovation projects. Often, parents feel trapped between their desire to spend time with their family and their need to enjoy this moment that is so easily filled up.

Instead of worrying and spending the best part of Spring wondering how you will manage to keep your children busy, read our article about summer camps and make sure that your children have fun while you work. If your child has a good time and visits museums, parks, gardens, if he goes to a theme park or if he rides a horse, he will probably want to help you renovate or visit a destination that you choose.

Above all, remember that we are talking about vacations and therefore, it should be fun. Anyway, as soon as the nice weather kicks in, this stress will turn into huge glasses of lemonade, long weekends, neighbourhood festivals and barbecues. These moments easily forgotten during our long winters often relax you more than a week off. So, prepare these exams to fully enjoy every minute of these summer weekends!

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