10 fun ways to predict the sex of your baby

Want to guess the sex of your baby? Here are ten old wives tales that will help you pass the time with humor while you wait for your ultrasound!

Your belly

According to popular beliefs, if you are carrying a girl, your belly will be full and round like a watermelon. Your baby will also be positioned at the top of your stomach. If you’re pregnant with a boy however, your belly will be lower, pointing forward and round like a ball.

Pregnancy symptoms

Morning sickness: Women who are pregnant with a girl are more likely to experience heavy morning sickness in early pregnancy while those expecting a boy are supposed to not experience any or very little.

Food cravings: You’re craving salty our sour foods? These cravings are often associated with boys while craving sweets is thought to indicate you’re expecting a girl.


If your baby’s heart is beating slower than 140 beats per minute, the general belief is that you are carrying a boy. If the heartbeat is faster than 140 beats per minute, it would be a girl.

Body and emotions

The evolution of our body and the emotions we experience during pregnancy were also considered to be a good indicator of the sex of our baby according to our grand-mothers:

When it’s a boy

  • The woman gets pregnancy related acne
  • The nipples become very dark
  • The hair on the legs grows faster
  • The skin of the hands is dry
  • The feet are colder than before pregnancy
  • You are glowing
  • The urine is pale yellow
  • The nose widens
  • More frequent headaches

When it’s a girl

  • The urine is dark
  • The left breast is larger than the right breast
  • The hair takes on a red reflection
  • The skin on the face is dry
  • You don’t feel like you are glowing
  • You have more mood swings than before pregnancy

According to our grandmothers, if your pillow is pointing north when you sleep, you are pregnant with a boy while sleeping with your pillow pointing south would mean you are carrying a girl.

Your partner

Is your partner gaining weight as fast as your belly is expanding? This would suggest that you are expecting a boy, but if you are alone in getting discouraged at the size of your waistline, it is believed that you will have a girl.

The Pendulum test

A little fun game you can try: take a pendulum and wave is over your belly or your hand. If the pendulum turns in circles, you are expecting a girl while if the pendulum swings from side to side, it will be a boy.

Kleenex test

Throw a Kleenex in the air. If when you pick up the Kleenex, your right foot is forward, you will have a boy, but if your left food is in the front, it will be a girl.

The wedding band test

Hang a wedding band on a string and wave it over your belly. If it goes from left to right, you’re pregnant with a boy while if the band makes small circles, it will be a girl.

The Numbers game

Add your age at the time of conception to the number of the month of conception. If you get an even number, you are supposed to be pregnant with a boy but if the number is uneven, it will be a girl.

Have you tried to guess the sex of your baby with any of these fun old wives tales and games? Did they work for you? Share your experience or your own tips with us in the comments!

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