Being active with a newborn

Benefits for the mother

Walking has many physical benefits for the mother, and it’s an activity that brings a lot to the women who practice it. Even if you don’t do it every day, you will enjoy these benefits anyway.

  • The baby’s weight will have a big impact on the intensity of your walk. Given that he weighs at least 10 lbs, you have to carry an extra weight that for the duration of your walk. In fact, as your baby will gain weight, the more weight you will need to carry and the more energy you will need to spend to support it. Of course, your body will adapt by strengthening the thighs and buttocks. And that’s exactly what you want!
  • After walking with your baby, your body will be full of endorphins, which will make you feel really good and relaxed. The endorphins will also help you sleep well at night. Obviously, some of you do not sleep much, but it will allow you to do so easily when you get a chance.
  • All this walking will also help you lower your anxiety level. Once again, it's related to endorphins. Whatever the cause of your stress, it will help decrease it.
  • For those who walk every day or so, going back to training is much easier. Because the body remained active, you will be able to reach much higher peaks of intensity. It will obviously help you lose the excess weight you have accumulated during the last nine months.
  • The fitter you will be, the more you’ll be able to increase the intensity. Walk with your baby on the streets that are more inclined and which require more energy. By walking uphill, you’ll be able to reach the same heart rate as if you were jogging, and you will strengthen your calves and lower back.

Finally, I strongly suggest you to go see a qualified and trustworthy personal trainer to help you in all your efforts. He will assess your body composition, fat and weight, to properly track your improvements and your changes. It will help you keep your motivation and it want to do more.

Charles Lamontagne
Personal trainer

Charles Lamontagne is a personal trainer specialized in weight loss and fitness who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Graduate degree in education from the University of Montreal. He likes to communicate and share his knowledge in a simple and concise manner. Charles offers new mothers a 6-week physical transformation plan to get back to in shape after childbirth.  You can find new tips and advice every week on his blog Mise en forme514-543-9816 Charles Lamontagne B.Sc. CSCS, 4200 St-Laurent, Montréal, Québec.

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