How to get ready for delivery

The increase in lordosis is characteristic of the body changes in pregnant women:

  • Rounded shoulders;
  • Modification of the way they walk;
  • Shift of the center of gravity into the lower limbs.

When the pelvic bones are properly aligned, the uterus can expand in accordance with fetal growth. When there is an imbalance in the pelvic bones, the uterus is deformed and reduces the space available for the developing baby.

In everyday life, our muscles keep our organs in our abdomen, are involved in breathing and back support, and they follow the movement and pushing during childbirth. The transverse muscle plays an significant role in birth and that is why it is very important to give it special attention. Strengthening the muscles of the abdominal and pelvic regions can help relieve the pain often associated with pregnancy. Indeed, training the perineum during common actions such as getting up from a chair, moving in bed or getting out of the car reduces the involvement of the back muscles. That way, the muscles have less stress, and joint mobility is less affected.

During your pregnancy, chiropractic care can help you:

  • Experience a healthy and comfortable pregnancy
  • Stay active throughout pregnancy
  • Give birth more easily
  • Reduce delivery time: 25% in the case of a first pregnancy and 39% in of second and third pregnancies. 1
  • Increase your energy level

During all stages of labour and to promote the baby’s engagement, it is important to let mothers choose a position that promotes spine stretching and abdominal breathing. Various accessories, like cushions, can be used to stabilize and secure the posture. It is also important to use muscles like the transversus abdominis to ease the process of engagement. Finally, if your joints are mobile and your muscles are flexible in the pelvic and lumbar regions, it will be easier for the pelvis to open during childbirth.

There are several methods of delivery assistance that can relax your muscles and promote relaxation. The Bonapace and hypnosis birth techniques are beautiful additions for a more natural childbirth. It may also be advisable to be followed by a doula and discuss your options for delivery. Your doctor will also tell you about the practices with which he is comfortable. Remember that writing a birth plan can help you keep track of what is important to you in relation to childbirth.

For any further information, feel free to contact me.

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