Tonsillitis, laryngitis and loss of voice

  • If the tonsillitis is bacteria-caused, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.
  • Rest, rest and rest! It is strongly recommended to keep your child at home at least 24 hours after the treatment began or if they still have fever;
  • Drink a lot of warm liquid and eat soup;
  • If your child can gargle, make them gargle with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water) many times a day; Do not let your child swallow salt water;
  • You can also give them ibuprofen or acetaminophen;
  • Consult again if symptoms persist.

Tonsillitis disappears by itself but if the symptoms persist for more than two days with a fever of 39.4 or more or if your child's sore throat is getting worse despite the antibiotics; it is best to go see a doctor again.

The surgical procedure to remove tonsils was common a few decades ago. Today, it is only suggested to children who experience many episodes every year or to children who suffer from tonsillitis that does not respond to antibiotics.

  • Because tonsillitis is caused by other infections, it is important to keep our child as far as possible from potential sources of infection, even if it is easier said than done!
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands before meals and after using the toilet.

Finally, remind them that they should always cough in their elbow.

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