Can we stop stuttering?

There is no cure for stuttering but it can disappear or improve when the child feels that we listen to them with respect and understanding: for example when the person speaks under the heat of anger when they sing, when they change their voice or when they recite a text by heart.

However, stuttering can be controlled fairly well with the help of speech therapists, especially if the child is seen quickly after the problem is diagnosed.

How to listen to a child (or an adult) who stutters
  • Do not give the impression that you are alarmed or holding your breath;
  • Do not complete their sentences and listen patiently;
  • Do not interrupt them either but ask for details if you do not understand their message;
  • Devote your attention to what the person says, not how it is expressed;
  • Restate their stuttering moments instead of asking them to repeat;
  • Do not suggest to speak slowly or to start over. It will draw their attention to their problem and increase their level of stress;
  • Try to become a role-model by speaking slowly when you can;
  • Create, as much as possible, an atmosphere of relaxed communication.

References : CASLPA


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