Easter Egg ideas

Easter is a wonderful occasion to craft with your children. Here are a few craft ideas for this fun and colourful holiday.

Cake pops

These cake pops are easy to make and will give a very festive look to your table. Bake a cake, cut it in pieces, shape eggs, plant them on little sticks, ice them and dip them in candies to have a fantastic table and happy kids!

White rabbit’s eggs

Did you ever pierce an egg on both sides to blow its content out, rinse the shell and fill it with melted chocolate? In the same spirit, Notmartha suggests coloured eggs, pierced on one side only and filled with jellybeans, chocolates and candies. Place the eggs in cupcakes papers and add a message: Crack me!

Egg ornaments

Empty eggs, decorate them and pass a ribbon through the holes to hang them on your plants. Your house will be decorated in no time and it’s a good way to craft a little bit each day, after breakfast…


Before dying your eggs, place waterproof stencils on it and their shape will remain white when you will take them off. Experiment with butterflies, hearts, stars or any sticker that your child will accept to sacrifice for the cause.


You can also simply paint eggs. Use them afterwards to make an Easter omelette or pancakes. Use non-toxic paint, toothpicks and your imagination! Your children will paint masterpieces!

JELL-O eggs

With this egg-shaped Jell-O mold, you will impress everyone with your cute Jell-O eggs! You can also use empty eggs and fill them with your mixture to make jigglers.


Create animals! Using cardboard, pipe cleaners and eyes stickers, turn eggs into rabbits, panda bears, cows or pigs.


Empty eggs, dye them and use the opening to place little flowers that will decorate your table. You can even plant a seed that will symbolize the new life of spring.

Image de Anne Costisella

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