The best places to meet Santa Claus



The prestigious St-Catherine store organizes breakfasts with Santa for the 65th year in a row. It will take place on the first three Saturdays of December (1, 8 and 15) at Romy, the store’s restaurant. Children can have their picture taken with Santa… and receive a little gift! You must reserve by calling at 514-842-7711, extension 275. It will be a great opportunity to admire the beautiful mechanical Christmas window that every family anxiously wait for every year!

This week
Countdown to Halloween!

Your children have been talking about Halloween for a while: what will they wear, how will they dress up, what kind of party will it be, at home, in school? This year, it will surely be different than usual, but it should be celebrated nonetheless!

Getting ready for Halloween!

Children deeply enjoy trick-or-treating and Halloween. This year, it will be different than usual, but we can still celebrate with decorations, costumes and candy at home! Here’s how to get ready for this unique celebration in five steps!

Daredevil kids

Some kids are reckless beyond reason. We try to hold them back, but they always find a way to climb everywhere and continuously put themselves in dangerous situations.

Getting dressed by themselves!

For a child to learn how to get dressed by themselves, they must develop a variety of skills in their early years. We describe the stages they go through at different ages so you know what to expect!