Christmas through the Internet!

A big advantage of the Internet is that many technological modules have been developed for all impatient kids and adults! Here are the most interesting.

Portable North Pole

Total bliss for a child: receiving a personal message from Santa in person through the Portable North Pole console that enables real-time communication with the North Pole! It's so well-done that one wonders how it is possible! Santa Claus speaks to your child by naming him and praising his efforts. How I would have liked to receive such a message when I was a kid!

On the PNP website, all you need to do is check boxes, and voila! Choose the message recipient (toddler, child, adolescent, adult), enter their age (the minimum is one year), gender, first name and province of residence. You will be asked to choose an effort that has been asked of child, a gift he wants to receive and some of his physical characteristics.

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