Christmas through the Internet!

Portable North Pole

Total bliss for a child: receiving a personal message from Santa in person through the Portable North Pole console that enables real-time communication with the North Pole! It's so well-done that one wonders how it is possible! Santa Claus speaks to your child by naming him and praising his efforts. How I would have liked to receive such a message when I was a kid!

On the PNP website, all you need to do is check boxes, and voila! Choose the message recipient (toddler, child, adolescent, adult), enter their age (the minimum is one year), gender, first name and province of residence. You will be asked to choose an effort that has been asked of child, a gift he wants to receive and some of his physical characteristics.

Elf yourself

For the third year, Elf Yourself allows you to send a very funny musical card! You choose up to 5 photos (only faces), crop them to centre each face and align the smile (you'll understand when you see it). You then choose a specific dance (disco, country or classic), and you’re done! You can send it by email, post in on your Facebook page or upload it to your computer ($5).

Canada Post

There is something special about writing a real letter to Santa and receiving a real one back! But if you don’t have the time or desire to do so, Canada Post solves your problem through email in seconds! Just fill out the child’s name, your email and the space to write a personal message to Santa, and you will receive a response from Santa a few days later. After all, it is the 21st century!


Absolutely amazing! NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) follows Santa all night long on Christmas, and since 1997, you can follow the big bearded man online! The site is only open during the holiday season and allows kids and adults alike to track Santa’s progress in real time! Now that's magic! Watch this video to get an idea of what it looks like!

The North Pole

Come explore the North Pole in all its grandeur! A variety of activities are offered for kids and parents alike to help you pass the time until Christmas. Read stories about Santa, personalize them and color the pages, chat with Santa’s elves, send e-cards, and browse yummy recipes, craft ideas and more. Parents can even help Santa create a more personalized experience for their child for endless fun.

Santa Claus Office

Who wouldn’t like to visit Santa Claus’ very own office? Take a peep inside his life, meet the man himself and hear stories about him. Closer to Christmas, you can even see Santa at work live!

Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa is the perfect website for young kids to send their letter to Santa. While they wait for an answer, they can color in his coloring book, play his games, read his answers to the top questions people ask him and track him on the special night.

The North Pole Village

Another great website recreating the North Pole where you can check your Naughty or Nice rating, choose your very own elf Buddy, play games, try funny holiday recipes, visit the toy workshop, send an email to Santa and much more!


Many websites offer virtual greeting cards, and most of them are free! Fastecard offers a large collection of quality cards with characters your children love. You could also use the Internet to make a unique card by using your own photos, and have it printed at your local pharmacy or grocery store.


Here is another website that offers beautiful virtual greeting cards, some that are animated and very funny!

If you know of any other cool Christmas websites, let us know!

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