Gift exchanges

Gifts from the heart

This Christmas, would you like to break from the pack by giving a gift from the heart? Here are a few ideas for tight budgets, or for those who want to charm on a shoestring:

  • Snowstorm of qualities: simply gather loved ones around and take turns showering compliments and admiration towards each other… Warning: your self-esteem will increase dramatically;
  • Help Chest: write favors on small pieces of cardboard, place them in a box then present it to someone deserving (e.g.: your friend who recently gave birth to a baby, or an aunt who’s going through a tough time);
  • Lights, Camera... Action!!!: Get the entire family together to film its virtual “Best Wishes” to loved ones that won’t be home for Christmas. This beautiful video will certainly warm the hearts of the addressees;
  • Cooking and babysitting coupons: a perfect recipe;
  • Do groceries for your sister at a time when she is super-busy;
  • The gift of words: write an original and personalized poem;
  • Present someone with a delicious basket of homemade goods (e.g.: jam, lemon cake, soup, etc.);
  • Give at work: instead of exchanging gifts at the office, why not offer presents to sick children or families in need (e.g.: Children Hospitals, Food Drive…).
Go Green
  • Does an environmentally friendly gift exchange sound good? Celebrating the Holidays without falling into the trap of overspending is possible. All that’s required is a little imagination or a search of the house in quest of “something special”. This could become the find of the century! Besides, it will give you an excuse to organize the closets you meant to tidy-up a decade ago.
  • “Pre-owned” gift exchange: be on the lookout for an object in good condition, likely to please most participants. Proceed with the draw but gifts are unwrapped only at the end. Who knows, you might be lucky and get the “à la Castafiore” bracelet of Aunt Helene or your mother-in-law’s vintage serving trays!
  • An image is worth a thousand words: offer a collage of pictures to express your love or friendship;
  • Let your creativity lead the way by decorating a picture frame, or creating a Christmas decoration with recycled objects;
  • Make a donation to a charitable organization in the recipient’s name.
  • Don’t forget to go wild on the wrapping! Make your present appealing by giving it a glamorous, green or funny look (whatever fits).

The gift exchange, an excellent pretext to spending wonderful moments with the ones we love!

Image de Geneviève D-Leduc

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