Outdoor activities during the Holidays

During the holidays, we often have a bit of free time between all the Christmas parties. Here are a few activities for the family to relax and have some fun!

We now have enough snow to declare the winter season open! Although it can be a bit discouraging to some, it’s the beginning of outdoor fun for many people, especially children. Slides, laughter, red cheeks, runny noses, etc. A few worry-free hours of pure happiness. Just the simple pleasure of being together.

A few ideas for the entire family

Every city, town, village or district has a school, park or other area where large amounts of snow have accumulated. These places are great to go tobogganing with the children. You can often go by walking, or create your own slides for hours of fun that will not cost you a penny! You will also likely find an outdoor skating rink in your area. Here are a few suggestions of great family spots all across Canada.


The town of Riverview, hasits own toboggan hill just off the Findlay Park area. Both will certainly attract the kids who have been anxiously waiting for the snow for wintertime fun!

In Fredericton, tobogganing at the Potato Research Center (PRC), referred locally to as the "Experimental Farm", is not only guaranteed fun for the whole family, it’s also free!


Get your snow suits on and come slide down Halifax's famous Citadel hill!  Enjoy the fresh air and feel the excitement! Your kids will love it, and so will you!


For a great tobogganing experience, pack up the kids and visit St.John's Bowring Park.


For hours of fun, try the Brookvale Nordic Touring Center’s 250 feet long sliding hill. Using the hill is free, but if you need to rent equipment, you can get a tube at the Nordic rental shop for $5.


Whether you want an easy ride for the little ones or something a bit crazier for the daredevils, Mount Avila offers 17 slides and 3 lifts, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here! You can also get a Family Pack for $85.

The only outdoor ice skating ring in Montreal, The Quays Skating Rink offers perfect ice, incredible views of historic Old-Montreal and the river and entertaining activities all winter long! Good music and night lighting will make your experience even more fun!

Canada’s largest winter fun centre, Valcartier Vacation Village offers you 42 slides , Snow Rafting and Tornado, children’s play areas and skating paths. With 5000 inner tubes and 17 mechanical lifts, you’re in for a memorable experience!


Walter Baker Park is a great citywide man-made hill with lights, directional containment fencing and very long runs. Parking is available at Kanata Recreation Complex.

Trinity Bellwoods Park is a well-known park in Toronto that definitely gets extra points for convenience and character. If you’re a morning person, why not combine Sunday morning tobogganing followed by a family brunch?


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