Family outings at the park

The sun is shining, you managed to sleep in and now you are looking for something to do with your children… It sounds like the perfect day to go to the park.

All cities hide small and big parks where activities destined to amuse and relax families are organized. Here are a few tips to have everything you need and to choose your park wisely.

Which park do we choose?

Some parks are renowned and every major city has a huge park where families regroup to throw a ball, eat out and get some fresh air. But in every area, there are also small parks where neighbours spend summer afternoons together. Each of these parks has something to offer. You can go to the nearest park to have a chance to meet your child’s classmates or you can choose a different park each time to give the impression of always doing something different.

There are several parks with all kinds of vocations. Here are some activities that you will find at your local park.

Water games

Whether you own a pool or not, water games are great entertainment for children in hot summer days. They play with other children in a colourful and cheerful environment and have great fun. Some of these parks also have pools. Remember to bring bathing suits and towels!


Other parks focus on playground modules. Slides, obstacle courses, bars and swings will amuse your children and help them develop their skills while you relax and supervise.


All parks have grassy areas where you can sit down on a blanket to get a little sun, have picnics and throw a ball or a Frisbee.


Several parks offer entertainment for children. Read your local newspaper and look for ads, you will find night screenings, afternoon plays and various celebrations. Big events like Canada Day are celebrated in each of these parks and several more festivals are planned according to the origins and traditions of the local crowd.

Other activities

The largest parks also offer more specialized activities that sometimes require paying a few bucks. For example, at the Centre de la Nature in Laval, it is possible to see farm animals and to participate in activities at the lake for free, but you will pay a small amount for your child to ride one of the carousel horses or to rent a kayak.

If you always get from point A to point B without ever strolling along the way, take some time to look at your area on a map. You may find well-hidden little parks.

What to bring?

To spend a beautiful afternoon at the park with the kids, it is best to be well prepared. In addition to diapers, baby wipes and snacks, you should bring what you need to meet the needs of your entire family.

If you have a cooler, bring a bottle of water, slices of watermelon, seasonal fruits and substantial snacks that will allow you to have a good time without constantly thinking about the next time your bunch will be thirsty and hungry.

Don’t forget to bring group activities. It will be a nice alternative to the activities of the park when the kids get bored. Bring throwing toys (balls, Frisbees), water games, and musical instruments...

Also remember to bring sunscreen. If you decide to stay longer in the park, you might need to put on some more.

Basically, get ready for one afternoon without a computer and without a phone where you can just relax and chat while the kids play. It will be a very satisfying moment for the whole family that will not cost you a penny.

Image de Anne Costisella

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