Looking good for the Holidays!

A touch of elegance for a traditional family Christmas

Stylist Nadine Joannette offers us a variety of ideas for different circumstances and settings. The places we'll go to and the people we’ll be with are important factors to consider when choosing the right look

  • For family reunions, opting for femininity, simplicity and good taste.
  • Satin, silk, chiffon, velvet are excellent recommendations, and so are high heels when it comes to shoes. A touch of patent-leather can also be considered.
  • Accessories are a must to complement your holiday outfit, but wear one of two pieces at most, depending on your outfit. A big bracelet and medium-sized earrings are a good example.
For a Christmas in the countryside, comfort is at the forefront


  • Forget glittering accessories, shiny tops and high heels;

  • Richness of the mesh will highlight a casual and stylish outfit : think cashmere, angora, mohair

  • Blue, black or velvet jeans are a great choice, especially when paired with thin-soled and metallic sneakers;

  • A wool tunic dress paired with a flat suede boot;

  • A faux fur sleeveless jacket is really stylish and perfect for the occasion;

  • Leggings and a tunic-lenght sweater with a large belt;

  • In terms of accessories, minimal is the key word: a beautiful watch and a wide leather or suede belt are great options.



For the office party, sobriety is a definite must.

Now’s the time to wear your little black dress embellished with accessories such as a big ring and lace tights. A satin suit and chiffon blouse will make an impact in a very tasteful way. Plunging necklines or transparent fabrics are not advisable; keep them for New Year’s Eve!

Let’s party on New Year’s Eve!

Generally celebrated with friends, it's time to indulge in a bit of extravagance. Gloss, seductive tops, glitter, transparency and even leather pants are attention-drawing choices!

  • Accessories are big and chunchy, so choose only one or two pieces to complement your look;
  • Wear something bright and shiny, according to where you are;
  • Be comfortable and feminine in your clothes;
  • All shades of purple or violet are very trendy;
  • Plateform high heels elongate the legs and are a lot more stable than `we might think;
  • Avoid being covered by sequins from head to toe;
  • Never have a neglected look;
  • Forget wearing Christmas colours, such as the red and green combination!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

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