Summer fashion trends for children

The comeback of the rompers

Be it for baby girl, baby boy or grown up girls, whether long or short, you will be won over by today’s rompers. Flannel or terry cotton models are from a bygone era and rompers now come in light cottons with floral prints or in denim.

Girls jeans rompers


$ 45.00 

Floral short rompers

$ 75.00 

Trendy colours: peach, turquoise and lilac

Several specialized boutiques for children offer similar colours than those found in ladies and men’s ready-to-wear, that is peach, turquoise and lilac shades.

Either light or dark, turquoise is a welcome addition in a boy’s wardrobe (T-shirts, polo shirts, V-neck shirts or bermuda shorts) and is often found in plaid patterns. As for girls, turquoise is worn in T-shirts, vests and leggings.

Peach for boys? Yes, yes, but a peach colour which tends to coral, especially in bermuda shorts plaids or in the design details of a T-shirt (for example the guitar strings on the white polo shirt have a coral colour). Audacious boys will wear peach on plain T-shirts found in certain stores. You like this colour but are not sure he does? Ask him his opinion before going shopping; maybe he will too!

Girls will wear the complete peach shade range also found in ladies wear.

Your boys will wear lilac very dark, almost purple, in swimsuits, T-shirts or in the details of tops.

For your girls, they will love the whole range of lilacs, from very pale to darker purples.

Boys polo shirt

Joe Fresh at Loblaws

$ 10.00 

Pure silk dress

$ 78.00 

Boys polo shirt


$ 24.99

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