Summer fashion trends for children

This summer, take on the challenge and dress your little angels in the season’s big trends: turquoise, peach and lilac, found in delicate floral and plaid patterns.

Originality guaranteed when you shop for your munchkins this summer by keeping in mind the 8 main fashion trends. You will notice a growing number of brands with more sophisticated models, many incorporating smock and froufrou details. It is also the coming of all-purpose accessories like fedoras and aviator sunglasses for children!

Plaid, the essential pattern 

You can find it this summer in shorts, swimsuits and rompers. In contrast to plain patterns, plaid conceals stains and easily matches your child’s outfits. So practical!

Boys swimming suit

Zara Kids

$ 25.90 

Boys bermuda shorts

Joe Fresh Loblaws

$ 12.00 

Baby unisex rompers

$ 65.00 

Accessories for a complete look

Be it hairpins, aviator sunglasses, headbands or fedora hats, accessorizing a child’s look is a sure value and does not have to be pricey.

Fedoras, also known as borsalinos, are originally felt hats for men. This summer, they are made of straw and are available for boys and girls. Several boutiques and large stores carry them.

Boys fedora hat

Gap Kids

$ 19.95 

Aviator sunglasses

Gap Kids

$ 12.50 

Girls fedora hat

Joe Fresh at Loblaws

$ 8.00 

Set of 3 hairpins


$ 4.95

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