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Enjoy your free time

You have an hour in front of you with nothing to do? Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we have to do, that we forget what to do when we have nothing to do! Here are some ideas!

Some housework

We’re putting it first on the list because like all mothers know, if we don’t stay up to date with our housework, things tend to accumulate at a staggering speed and we quickly lose control of the house...and our sanity! Better to put things in order quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your free time doing something fun! And there’s no reason you have to go at it alone: it’s an excellent opportunity to involve the whole family to teach the kids to develop their sense of responsibility!


You have the green thumb? We’re right in the season and kids love to help us plant flowers and maintain the garden. In addition, having a garden is economical and there is nothing better than going to the garden to get fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner!

Decoration or renovation project

Your decoration discourages you and you have a list as long as your arm of little and large renovation projects? Why not take this opportunity to start one of these projects or simply to buy a new decoration to change the look of a room? Gradually, those projects will go from dream to reality!

Take pictures

Transform yourself into a photographer and arrange a photo shoot with the kids! You can even use the pictures in your latest scrapbook project! Trust us, you’ll want to capture all those memories, because they grow so fast!

Listen to music

Take the kids, put on your favorite music compilation and start dancing! Guaranteed fun for all and bonus: it’s relaxing!

Indulge in your favorite hobby

When you have free time, it’s the perfect time to take the opportunity to do the things you love to do! Knitting, jewellery making, an artistic activity or even relaxing with a good novel, all good ideas to pamper yourself and help keep you sane!

A movie

Take the family out to the theaters or rend the newest movie and sit comfortably while you let your imagination run free in the world of a great movie! If you’re like us, you’ll also probably have accumulated a few episodes of your favorite show on your DVR so take the opportunity to catch up!

Get active

It can be as simple as taking a walk in the neighbourhood or going to the gym or the pool, but you can also decide to take up a new activity (we recommend yoga, which has a positive effect on the body and the mind!).

See your friends

You know, those friends you always complain you don’t have time to see since you’ve become a mom? Plan a girl’s night out, go for coffee or simply catch up on the phone, it will make you feel good!

Relax or sleep

Why not? We deserve it after all! Instead of forcing you to do something productive when you’re feeling spent, just let go and go for a relaxing nap. A zen and happy mom is worth more than anything in the world!

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