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Is it true that moms are busy?

Yes, she chose that life, but…

Of course, moms know that it was their choice to have children and it was a good choice. These little persons that keep them busy are adorable and bring them more love than anyone could possibly imagine.

However, when a mom has a minute to herself and goes out, she hopes that she will be able to have fun and relax. She will look twice at her car seat and think for a second that she forgot a child somewhere and she will probably mention her family now and again. She might even show you pictures of these little bundles of joy that make her life so exciting.

If she does, it is because she thinks that her friends are interested in what she is going through, just like she is interested in her friend’s parties and nights out. She never could imagine that these friends would judge her schedule. If she sees these friends when she has a minute, it is because they are her friends and they like her. If they don’t understand her situation, they probably have nothing in common anymore.

Does anyone ever judge the way you manage your schedule? Please tell us in the comments. We would like to know!

Image de Anne Costisella

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