Family life

Is it true that moms are busy?

Your single friends love telling you how poorly managed your schedule is. Do you have that many things to do?

All your single friends are telling you that your schedule is poorly managed. It is not normal to be too busy to go to a restaurant. You should easily be able to see your favourite band and go out for a movie at least once a month. Everyone has cleaning up, dishes and washing to do, your house is no excuse to let your friends down. It’s all a matter of being organized and you, my friend, are not! Anyway, what do mothers do at home apart from watching The Young and the Restless?

We bet you have already heard such things and because we know that mothers often feel guilty (and sometimes don’t know where their time goes) we have looked into it for you. Here is something to tell your friends who don’t understand your busy days.

Eyes in the back of your head

First, you should wonder if your friends ever looked at your kids in action! If they saw them running around the house, they would know that the most boring conversation could be interrupted at any time by a question. Being a mom is being able to follow three conversations at once without missing the constant eye-rolling of a friend who would have wanted more attention. The mom didn’t miss anything though. It is not because her child’s friend was not very nice at school, the baby needs changing and her husband doesn’t know that his sunglasses are on the top shelf (where he left them) that she didn’t hear that her friend has met someone!

This constant need for attention is only a small part of what a mom is expected to do in a day! If some people think that a mother spends her days watching her kids from another room while talking on the phone and watching television, there are some things that need to be told. Being a mother means you are worried at all times. You always take an hour to do what should take a few minutes because you need to go make sure your child hasn't eaten something they found on the floor. Moms panic when their house is silent. Moms always need to supervise because these wonderful and cute little beings that we love so much don’t yet know that you can’t put your hands in the toilet or touch the oven.

Thinking of everything

Being a mom means loving and caring and wanting to build happy childhood memories for our kids. It is also that little remorse that haunts you when you raise your voice and spoil an otherwise perfect day. It is the need to always know in advance when they will be tired or hungry. It is making sure that they will eat their supper before going to bed. Mothers also want their children to have fun, to draw well and to appreciate the moments spent with their family.


While the girls who only buy food for a couple complain about carrying more food than usual for the week, mothers carry twice as many bags. They also carry these bags with only one arm because the baby is in the other. At the same time, they try to remember where their keys are because they want to be able to grab them without dropping everything.

When she arrives somewhere, a mother must keep an eye on her children because even if it bothers people when children laugh and run, they will need to move a little, especially the youngest one that has just learned to walk. She must always know where they are and check the premises to locate potential hazards. She must do all that and remember to accomplish what she was there for in the first place.

Children must be clean, dressed appropriately and they must behave. Mothers must also teach their children everything they have to know in order to be normal, accepted and happy.

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