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The joys of planning

  • A free block is essential for last minute requests or to perform a task that could not be performed because of something unexpected;
  • Include personal objectives, they are as important (if not more) as your professional planning. Writing down in your agenda to call an old friend gives you the time to finally do it!

How are you feeling as you are placing things in your planner? As soon as you feel uncomfortable, stop and ask yourself the following question: how can I turn this task into something that brings me pleasure? A task that we don’t like is usually the one that we postpone…and after that, you can forget about the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.

Planning can save a lot of time but it can become hard to bear. Find your balance according to your personality. Make room for spontaneity and don’t blame yourself if you don’t follow your schedule now and again. Treat yourself!

Claudie Arsenault

Claudie Arsenault is a professional coach in balancing work and family, author of Conciliation travail-famille : Y trouver son compte et son bonheur and founder of Coopérative du Cercle des supermamans. Coaching is there to help people achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Claudie was trained  by the school Coaching de gestion (management coaching) and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. Her unique niche is what sets her apart. She helps parents manage their return to work, improve their work-life balance, rethink their career path after the arrival of children, develop or start their business while maintaining a balance. Being a mother of three, she knows a thing or two about work-life balance! Helping parents find a balance between their professional and personal lives is a real passion for her. To find out more, visit her website (in French only).

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