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Grandparents Day

Distant grandparents

If, on the contrary, the grandparents are not present enough for our children, it is possible to make it happen by inviting them more often, by asking them to babysit for a few hours, etc. You can also ask them to write down stories of their childhood in a notebook, to draw the family tree, share tips that they would like to share for the adults that they will become… Specialized notebooks, similar to pregnancy books, are available in libraries and contain questions and answers and photographs spaces. You can also add your personal touch and tells stories that are specific to your family.

A special day to celebrate!

Children gain a lot from their contact with their grandparents; therefore, it is important to nurture strong and healthy relationships, even if it means that you will have to make compromises. Don’t forget that one day, you could also be a grandfather or a grandmother someday! So, next Sunday, September 7th 2014, celebrate Grandparents Day because even if we didn’t all have grandchildren, we all had grandparents!

It is the law

The law says that parents cannot, without serious motives, stop grandparents from bonding with their grandchildren. If the parents are refusing to let you see your grandchildren, you can present a request to the Superior Court of your province to gain access.

You can ask the court to grant you the same access as before the conflict but you have to keep in mind that grandparents are not given the same access as divorced parents, for example.

When parents divorce, the implication of grandparents tend to increase on the mother’s side and decrease on the father’s side.
— Health Canada

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