Family life

You know you are tired when…

  • One of my friends threw away a diaper in the fridge. Yuck! (Mel_2711)
  • You talk over the phone for 20 minutes, hang up and ask your boyfriend “Who was I talking to just then?!?!” (StefLap)
  • You rock your groceries to put them to sleep… (Cyranosaure)    
  • ... Or you rock your cart to keep it quiet! (Anna Banana)
  • You get out of the car, lock the doors and understand (too late) that the keys are in the ignition and the kids are still in the car. (caro_l)
  • You sit the diaper bag in the stroller (Anonyme)
  • You wake up at night and fall asleep on the toilet for hours! (Elexa20)
  • You put the dirty diapers in the washer and dirty clothes in the toilet. (Amielle)
  • You go give a kiss good night and fall asleep with your child who kicks you out of bed in the middle of the night. (Bébiz)
  • You write your name backwards and can’t remember your phone number when filling a contest coupon. (Star11)
  • You give the remote to your baby (who is quite happy about it) and try to blow your husband’s nose. (Cyranosaure)
  • When you finally managed to fall asleep, you wake up in panic because “My God! It is morning and baby did not wake up!” and you wake him up checking and it is only two in the morning… (Mamisa)
  • When you read all your answers and laugh to tears ;) (Julie)
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