Family life

Becoming parents changes our world

We could all sing it together: becoming a parent really changes the world! How? In many ways… see for yourself!

Life isn’t the same! Our daily life is turned upside down. I don’t see life the same way… Many differences between “before” and “after” having children are unanimous.

  • The daily schedule has been completely rethought
  • We don’t see time the same way, it flies much more quickly and because we realize how precious it is, we manage it more tightly
  • Guilty pleasures such as sleeping late and going out are almost a thing of the past
  • For many of us, work takes less place in our hearts and heads and, consequently, in our schedule
  • Our circle of friends shrunk or changed
  • We are amazed by pictures, objects or events that would have never had such an impact before
  • Some of our principles and values have changed like our requirements for tidiness and order (we are more flexible or intransigent), our concern for health and safety the “all about me” becomes “all about my kids”…
  • We discover parts of our personality that we did not know about. Some of us see themselves as “new women”

These rearrangements affect most new families. The arrival of children in the life of a couple – and the separate lives of the individuals forming that couple – can also be transformed in surprising and unusual ways.

We asked mothers on our Facebook page to describe how becoming a family changed their lives. Some answers may surprise you but as you read on, you will probably sigh and smile thinking “That’s true!” or “For me too!”…

When I watch moves, I don’t see myself as the heroes but as their parents. For example, I cried when Andy leaves for university and says goodbye to his mom in Toy Story 2.

For me, everything has changed: I only think about my children! I had no patience before having my son and now I have plenty! The love of a mother did not make so much sense before I had children. Now I understand my mom when she talks about it…

I’ve learned to let go. Before, I was a workaholic; I could work 70 hours a week. I kept my home clean and it looked like a designer’s home. Now I don’t work as much and my house can be a bit dusty and I accept that dishes are not made for one day, I don’t care! I enjoy what life has given me, a life filled with surprises and love…

I think the only thing that changed is my watchfulness when I enter someone else’s house or in another backyard. I check everything to make sure that it is safe for the children. I push my father’s glass when it is near the edge of the table… For everything else I did not find that having a child changed my life that much except for the arrangements. Anyway, with or without children, life requires constant adjustments and compromises.

Everything changed! I stopped drinking… I used to drink every day… I never slept. I crossed the street without looking… Strangely, I stopped drinking on August 15th and on October 4th, I found out that I was six weeks pregnant. I drank again later but I promised myself that I would never drink in front of my daughter until she is old enough to understand. She is now two years and a half and it’s been three years since I drank. I also found out that crying was ok. If I feel like crying, I cry and above all, I started to love again. I did not want to get attached to her at first because of the negative experiences of my childhood. I was afraid to lose her if I loved her like I lost everyone I loved in my life. And now I tell her that I love her at least 100 times a day…

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