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Second baby survival guide

A gift list… again?

You already have everything you need, but your friends and family want to celebrate the baby’s arrival. Here are a few gifts suggestions in case you’re running out of ideas.

  • You have a baby-carrier. What? You only have ONE baby-carrier? There are many different kinds on the market, that meet specific needs. If you already have the pouch, why not add a sling or a wrap? They are very useful, especially when you have an older child that needs a lot of time and attention. Carrying your baby allows you to meet the needs of both your children at the same time!
  • You already have a washable diaper kit, so why not add to it? Add diapers that you really like or allow yourself to ask for THE really cute diaper on which your baby’s name can be embroided.
  • There are many different baby products :  oils, creams, soaps, etc. Ask for an organic-fair-local soap basket, or ask for a few different ones. It’s always very uselful!
  • Ask for time. The grandparents want to help? They could offer you a few hours from a cleaning service or pay for a special activity to do with the oldest child. Your friends don’t know what to give you? Ask them to come spend a day at your house, bring a lunch and take the eldest to the park while you take a nap.

The arrival of a new baby in the family can be stressful. You want to keep offering the best of ourselves to our first born while taking care of the baby, who obviously requires a lot of our time and attention. Don’t guilt yourself! Letting your child watch television a little bit more or serving him spaghetti every other day with not be detrimental to your child’s development. The important thing is to listen to him because it's a big change for him too! Being able to help him adapt to the new situation is a lot more important than having a temporary Dora overdose!

Caroline Mayrand

Caroline Mayrand is a childhood educator and certified instructor in infant massages. She is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and manages Doux hérisson , an online store specialized in Quebec-made family products. Her goal is to allow small and large designers from Quebec to be in the spotlight. [email protected] or 450-939-0659  

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