Family life

Work-life balance


  • Stop working late or bringing some work at home;
  • Tidy up the house regularly;
  • Set aside a couple’s night or family day.

Here’s what the Dalai Lama answered a journalist who asked him how he could be so calm despite his tumultuous life :

- "When I eat, I eat; when I walk, I walk; and when I listen to a person, I listen to a person."

- Not satisfied with the answer, the journalist replied : "Well, so do I..."

- The Dalai Lama then said : "When you eat, you think; when you walk, you run; and when you listen to someone, you think about what you’ll answer next."

This anecdote really shows that « living in the present » can change the unpleasant feeling of always being overwhelmed. I wish you to fully live every moment of a work-life balance, just like the life YOU have chosen.
Claudie Arsenault

Claudie Arsenault is a professional coach in balancing work and family, author of Conciliation travail-famille : Y trouver son compte et son bonheur and founder of Coopérative du Cercle des supermamans. Coaching is there to help people achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Claudie was trained  by the school Coaching de gestion (management coaching) and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. Her unique niche is what sets her apart. She helps parents manage their return to work, improve their work-life balance, rethink their career path after the arrival of children, develop or start their business while maintaining a balance. Being a mother of three, she knows a thing or two about work-life balance! Helping parents find a balance between their professional and personal lives is a real passion for her. To find out more, visit her website (in French only).

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