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Social media: a virtual happy hour!

On Twitter, a feature allows you to follow a thread of jobs in your field. You can refine your search and follow a thread by adding the # symbol to a key word, for example #marketing.

You choose to blog? This media is ideal to share your ideas and opinions, or suggest interesting links on a topic related to your specialty. Each blog entry is an opportunity to showcase your skills and personality in the eyes of a potential employer.

Your e-reputation

As much as you are your own ambassador through your actions in real life, in the virtual world, your digital reputation - or e-reputation - is built over all the traces you left by your comments, articles and tweets. So keep in mind that words go away but writings remain.

The proper use of online social networks requires that you worry about the image you are projecting. You need to develop an awareness of the scope of these networks, because these tools can undoubtedly work for or against you. You must always use them wisely, so use your judgment.

In other words, take care of your e-reputation by dosing your words and keeping your goals in mind. Everything you post must support who you are, so that potential employers or your friends can see you evolve in a particular company. Finally, always maintain a balance between personal and  professional. In social networks, especially in virtual ones, personal comments help humanize an otherwise random user. And in the end, with equal skills, personality and values will always tip the balance.

In collaboration with Annie Boutet, writer.

Tracy-Ann Lugg
Regional Vice-President of Adecco

Mother of four children, Tracy is making  a gradual return to work (4 days a week) since her last maternity leave. She has been Regional Vice President at Adecco since 2004. She manages more than 100 HR professionals and 1,400 essentially temporary employees throughout Quebec. Tracy is sensitive to employee needs and new realities of the job market. Balancing work and personal life is part of her daily concerns for her employees. Adecco, 514-845-4255.

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