12 tips on family income tax

Too good to be true?

Avoid financial propositions that seem too good to be true. For example, donations that should allow you to receive more than the actual donation itself! Or, RESP contributions that shouldn’t cost you a thing, or almost! These techniques are often the result of a number of manipulations, and even if it goes through in your declaration, it doesn’t mean that the government won’t come back in a few years to claim its dues! When that day comes, it will hurt!

Obviously, these simple tips are mainly destined to people with an income and not to entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals. Don’t hesitate to consult a specialist to get a realistic view on your personal financial situation!

Sébastien Develey
Personal finance consultant

M. Develey has been working in Finance since 1996. An IQPF 2004 graduate, he always tries to give families simple and easy tips. Father of a son and daughter, it is with great pleasure that he collaborates to and answers your questions about your personal finances, mortgages, personal insurances, investments, RRSPs, RESPs, etc.

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