Let’s do brunch!

Are you a big fan of brunch? What better way to start off the day than to spend it with your loved ones around a big delicious feast!

The origins of brunch

It’s the Americans that invented the word brunch, a portmanteau word that combines the words breakfast and lunch and which describes a meal taken at the end of the morning or the beginning of the afternoon during which you can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks typical to these two traditional meals.

Brunch is now popular around the world and families love to get together on the weekend or to celebrate a special occasion around a big buffet style brunch table. You can even make a special outing out of it since many restaurants now offer brunch menus, often serving tables full of delicacies you can choose from based on your appetite and what your heart desires.

What do we eat for brunch?

You can find a winning combination of sweet and savory items typical of breakfast and lunch on the buffet table. In a traditional brunch, you can fill your plate with a selection of pastries, toast, fruits, eggs and bacon or sausage. You’ll also find items more suitable for lunch like quiches, salads, smoked salmon or tuna sandwiches. If you plan a brunch with family and friends, why not plan a buffet so that everyone can eat what they want at their own pace and you can enjoy all the festivities? The important thing is to choose foods that are not too complicated to prepare so you have time to enjoy yourself!

What do we drink at brunch?

Adults can often be seen enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea but you can also serve alcoholic beverages at brunch such as champagne, a Mimosa or even a Bloody Mary. The kids can get their fill of juice and chocolate milk in the meantime!

Recipe ideas for brunch

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