5 Fantastic Holiday Desserts

You don’t have time to start making an elaborate dessert for the Holidays? Here are some ideas for quick recipes or ready desserts to serve at Christmas without guilt!

La Rocca cakes

You can find La Rocca cakes in most grocery stores and some specialty stores and cafes. Available in several decadent flavors like Red Velvet, cheesecakes and chocolate mousse, you’re sure to find a quality dessert to offer your guests!

Cream fudge

Good cream fudge is the ideal treat for the Holidays! You only need 35% cream, maple syrup, brown sugar and sugar, white chocolate and vanilla. See Ricardo’s recipe for cream fudge.

The Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes – President’s Choice

These little wonders will be all the rage at your Christmas dinner! A warm chocolate cake that is filled with a delicious melting center. You only have to heat it and serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Too Tall Tuxedo Truffle Cake

You will find the Too Tall Tuxedo Truffle Cake at M&M Meatshops. A marble cake layered with dark chocolate and creamy white chocolate mousse, topped with ganache and white chocolate, it deserves its name and is the perfect touch of luxury to complete your holiday meal!

Petits Gâteaux Cupcakes boutique

The Cupcakes boutique Petits Gâteaux makes cupcakes for everyone and you can find them in most grocery stores. More than 12 different flavors in regular or mini size. See points of sale.

Image de Mariem Melainine

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