Prepared meals for the Holidays

Do you want to entertain your loved ones with ease this holiday season? Food companies have developed wonderful products to help make your life a little easier during the Holidays!

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is an elegant and comforting appetizer perfect for the Holidays! M&M Meatshops offers a traditional French Onion Soup topped with croutons and gruyere and Swiss cheeses.

Irresistible Turkey

Metro grocery stores offer a pre-seasoned frozen turkey from their Irresistible brand. You just have to bake it for the specified time and serve it with the stuffing and side dishes of your choice. A perfect turkey, every time!

Cranberry stuffing mix

This Cranberry stuffing mix is made by President’s Choice and is available in Loblaws grocery stores. You can concoct this delicious stuffing quickly and easily on the stove and serve it with your turkey!

Cranberry Brie

Baked Brie is a classic appetizer for the Holiday season and can also serve as an excellent option for your festive buffet. M&M Meatshops have prepared this creamy Brie on a mixture of cranberries and apples and wrapped in a flaky pastry and it’s delicious served on a good baguette or with crackers.

Shrimp platter with cocktail sauce

A Christmas buffet is not complete without a nice shrimp ring with cocktail sauce. This tray presented by President’s Choice at Loblaws contains about 31 to 40 black tiger prawns and a fresh cocktail sauce.

Gourmet HotDipz

You can find the Gourmet HotDipz at M&M Meatshops. They are the perfect side to pita bread, crackers and raw veggie platters!


Nuts are a convenient and easy option to serve with a buffet during the Holiday season. If you want to save a little, we suggest you find the nearest Bulk Barn: They offer a variety of nuts like peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, etc… all in bulk!

Mini quiches

Looking for fun finger food? These mini quiches offered by M&M Meatshops are delicious to eat and easy to handle. They are available in two flavors: cheese and bacon or Florentine.

Party Spirals

A spin on the traditional sandwiches! Pick up these pretty Party Spirals at M&M MeatShops in the two delicious flavors made with cream cheese and spinach.

Catering at IGA

If you want to get all your purchases done in one place and at an advantageous price, why not try the catering services offered by IGA grocery stores? They offer everything you need for a sumptuous but affordable Christmas buffet!

Image de Mariem Melainine

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