10 delicious plants to grow

Do you have access to a small community garden or a piece of land? Here are 10 easy-care plants that will allow your children to taste the fruits of their labor!


Peas are absolutely delicious when freshly picked and will delight your little gardeners.

When to plant: Between March and May
Ideal conditions: Warm weather, sunny, regular but no excessive watering, avoid extreme heat…
Depth: 4-5 cm
Distance: 20 cm
Harvest after 3months

Cherry tomato

Cherry tomatoes, of all tomatoes, are the easiest to grow. The plants produce a lot and the color of the small tomatoes will make your children work even harder at removing weeds.

When to plant: Mid-May
Ideal conditions: Sunny location and rich and airy land
Depth: Put a plant in the ground and hide its roots
Harvest when the fruits are red and ripe


Mint grows so well that you will find it harder to contain it than to grow it. If you don’t want too much mint, plant the pot with the plant. You can also grow it indoors all year. You can also buy a seedling tray that will allow you to manage your herbs all-year-round.

When to plant: After April
Ideal conditions: Sunny, partial shade
Depth: 5 to10 cm
Harvest from April to October


By taking care of your little plants, removing weeds and renewing your strawberry plants every 3 years, you could have your very own crop of garden strawberries.

When to plant: From mid-August to mid-October
Ideal conditions:  Acid, even rocky soil, sunny, ideally high, away from rodents
Depth: 15 cm
Harvest in July when strawberries are red


Cucumbers are easy to grow but fear cold.

When to plant: Between April and June
Ideal conditions: Fresh soil, sunny
Depth: 15 mm
Distance: from 50 cm to 1 m between rows
Harvest from June to October


Carrots grow in the ground and it will be a nice surprise for your children to pull the leaves and find a yummy carrot!

When to plant: February to July
Ideal conditions: In pots or in soft soil, full sun or partial shade
Depth: 1 cm
Harvest after 12 to16 weeks


Starting a potato plant is extremely easy; you can even plant a whole potato that sprouts. As the shoot goes up, form a small mound of soil that will protect the stern.

When to plant: When lilacs are flowering (early May)
Ideal conditions: Warm soil
Depth: 8 to10 cm
Harvest after about three months


Radishes are delicious but will taste too strong if you let them ripen too long. Watch them carefully and pick them as soon as they look fresh and crisp.

When to plant: From May
Ideal conditions: Warm and frost-free soil
Depth: A few millimetres
Harvest after four weeks


You can soak the seeds before planting and don’t water too much or the seeds will rot.

When to plant: Between mid-April and mid-July
Ideal conditions: Temperatures above 10oC, aerated soil
Depth: 3 to 4 cm
Distance: 35 cm
Harvest after one month


Because watermelons are very big, you must plant watermelon seeds in small mounds of soil every 50 cm to 150 cm.

When to plant: Around the month of May
Ideal conditions: Fertile and drained soil, after flowering, water every three days
Depth: 2 to 3 cm
Harvest in July or August, following the sun

Image de Anne Costisella

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