15 easy arts and crafts projects

Rainy day? School holiday? Vacations? If you want to do arts and crafts without giving yourself a headache, here are 15 easy projects to do with your kids.

Pine cones

A simple pine cone can easily become a pretty decoration. You can paint it all or only at the tips, suspend it by the stem to make a mobile or even transform it into little trees.

Aluminum plates

With a bunch of aluminum plate, you can create a robot or another interesting character. It’s as easy as sticking plates of different shapes and sizes on a card board and decorating them with construction paper.


You put together shredded pieces of tissue paper using a mix of glue and water (1/3 glue, 2/3 water). Let it dry for a day. You can then put a mini lantern at the bottom of the glass.

Wooden spoon

Create characters with your wooden spoons. You can start by painting a face on the back of the spoon, add hair and make a simple costume with felt.


Use different shaped pasta and create a landscape by gluing everything to a card board (otherwise the paper will bend under the pasta’s weight). Paint everything once the glue has dried.


A pair of socks (not too smelly of course!) can be transformed into a really funny puppet. Use pieces of felt, wool, pompons, etc.


Why not make mini drums? Cover the entire can with a cardboard box. Then drill holes on each side to slip a rope or wool thread to make a strap and make a lid for the missing end Decorate according to your tastes. Be advised: the band is now in town!

Wooden sticks

On a piece of cardboard, glue wooden sticks side by side. Cut the excess cardboard to only keep the surface covered with sticks. You now have a nice little frame that the kids can paint and decorate.


By cutting thin slices of the cork and painting them, you’ll create practical little pieces to make jewelry. Try it!


Cut different shapes in an old piece of fabric. Take a metallic hanger and give it the shape of your choice, and then attach the pieces of fabric by making a simple knot. Repeat until your entire shape is covered in fabric.

Empty rolls

Never throw away toilet rolls because you can always transform them into funny little characters.


Nothing’s easier than making salt dough. One part salt, one part water and two parts flour. Mix everything together and create characters, ornaments or letters to make out the child’s name and hang it on his bedroom door. Cook your masterpiece for 3 hours at 100 F and let dry for 24 hours. If you wish to hang them, remember to make holes using a straw before cooking them. Finally, get your paintbrushes out  and let your little artists express themselves!


Make a mobile with a hanger or wire, and personalize it as you wish : hang butterflies made of tissue paper, clouds made of cotton wool, etc.


You have tons of them, and yet they can be quite useful for your little ones’s arts and crafts projects. Just add a bit of colour (with paint or crayons) or cover them with a piece of fabric. Next, install a ribbon on the wall use the pegs to hang photos. Your could also transform your pegs into dragonflies by adding long wings and using pearls to make bulging eyes.


Children are specialists when it comes to picking up little stones. Use them to create little characters or write inspiring words on them.. Make a miniature indoor garden by placing the decorated stones on a bed of sand in a small wood plater (found in any good dollar store).

Image de Nadine Descheneaux

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