Family life

Big moments… start small!

Quiet moments like holidays and school breaks are special times to enjoy family life and have fun with the kids.

It brings tremendous joy to feel free, without an agenda and to do what makes us feel good! Laughing while watching a movie, playing funny games with the children, building a snowman between two snow fights, eating what we want, when we want, sharing a good meal picnic-style in the living room, driving your car without going anywhere, resting on a sofa by the fire, reading a good book… Those are many little moments that are simple and true and make a huge difference in the creation of family bonds filled with love, respect, complicity, authenticity, kindness, strength and resilience. These little moments have a considerable impact on the development of a chain of love that passes down through generations!

Listen to yourself and to others

More specifically, those moments of rest represent a precious opportunity to listen. These are the moments that lead to the awakening of consciousness. With more time and tranquility, it is very profitable, as a person and as a parent, to look at our behaviour (actions, decisions…), to hear our words (tone, volume), to pay attention to our inner voice (intuition, thought and spontaneous feelings, physical ailments…), to feel (love, joy, pride, impatience, sadness, guilt, anger…) and to be aware of the thoughts that cross our minds. This first stage of reflection allows us to listen and to perceive our inner messages and the ones that our husband and children are trying to tell us every day.

This state of calm and introspection allows us to be more receptive and, thereby, to learn about our true nature and that of the people that we love the most, our partner and our children. In addition, without realizing it, we develop tools to respond adequately, with love and patience, to our needs and those of our family and couple.

This brand new year is the perfect opportunity to make resolutions to take care of yourself and pay more attention to your communication skills with yourself and with others, to listen more, to develop your sensorial sensitivity (verbal and non-verbal communication), your self-respect and respect of others, your flexibility and your capacity to express your feelings and your needs clearly. Furthermore, it is time to think about your take on life and revaluate your ways of doing daily things that may limit you in your access to happiness and harmony.

With that being said, here is a quote that is directly related to the positive results of a deep reflection and personal awareness for a better future for us and for generations to come.

“Suffering families, like the links of a chain are repeating from generation to generation until a descendant, and it could be you, becomes aware and turns his curse into a blessing”
Alejandro Jadorowski

Don’t be scared to be the pioneer of a chain of love. You have all the necessary resources within you to change what needs to be changed to transform your personal and family life into a state of well-being, balance and peace. Your ancestors, your children and your descendants will benefit from it and they will be grateful.

Manon Fabi
inf., M.Sc. and professional PNL coach

Passionate about the development of human potential, Manon Fabi worked more that sixteen years in our health care system. After she was graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, she completed a Master's degree in Clinical Science and a micro-program in Management and Organizational Development. In order to fully exploit her potential and to work with children and families, she completed a Post-Master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also a trainer in Hypno-Beginning© preparing parents for a calm and natural birth. In addition, she has completed several trainings in counseling, perinatology and early childhood. Her clinical and management experience combined to her rigorous academic curriculum give her a considerable knowledge of human beings and of their capacity to develop their impressive potential towards the achievement of their highest objectives. She developed a strong leadership and a great capacity to listen, mobilize and motivate people and groups and help them bring changes that last. Coaching PNL familial 514-622-2169

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