The art of kissing

To celebrate the International Kiss Day, here are a few fun facts and tips related to the strange custom that is kissing.

Kissing is the perfect demonstration of love. When we see two persons kissing at the park or in a movie, we know right away that these people love each other. But who was the first to press his mouth on someone else’s? That mouth is made to eat, right?

The origin of the kiss

It seems that the first kiss on the mouth wasn’t shared by lovers but was give by a mother to her children. It is to feed her babies like birds do those mothers used to press their mouth on their children’s mouths. It is even said that this practice was common for a long time in occidental rural areas.

The love kiss, the one that we know, dates back to 1500 B.C. It texts dating from that period, authors mention “lovers that place their lips on the other’s lips” and Hindu laws accuse those who “drink from the lips of slaves”.

Fun facts

Not everyone appreciates French kisses. Only half of humanity appreciate this demonstration of affection and for several people, our habit of kissing with a bit of tongue is ridiculous, even disgusting.

Kissing makes you burn 2 to 6 calories per minute. Obviously, you would need to kiss a lot to burn that cheesecake but a tender kiss activates 12 muscles in your lips, 19 in your tongue and spends as much energy as a 500m sprint.

In addition to being a source of pleasure, kissing liberates oxytocin, a hormone that reduces anxiety and makes you feel closer to your partner. Masculine saliva also contains testosterone, which excites us sexually. These effects last twice as long in women than in men.

Am I a good or a bad kisser?

Sometimes we wonder if we are good kissers before kissing someone for the first time but we can also wonder if our long-time lover would have told us if we were bad kissers. To reassure you, here is a little list of what people usually dislike in kisses.

  • Relentlessly turning your tongue. Your tongue can play with his, tickle it, but going in circles is a no-no!
  • Putting ALL your tongue in your partner’s mouth. A little tongue is enough. Really.
  • Biting the upper lip. A little bit of nibbling is fine but avoid biting the upper lip because it hurts and your partner will lose his focus.
  • Kissing alone. Don’t forget that it takes two to tango. If your partner is not in a kissing mood, don’t force him and avoid overdoing it. If you want to kiss, make your partner comfortable first.
  • Sucking his tongue. A little, maybe, but never forget that his tongue is not a straw.
  • Too much saliva. When you kiss for a while, you must swallow now and again because a saliva tsunami is never too sexy.
  • Not knowing when to stop. After a while, when you feel like the feeling has gone, know when to stop. Especially if you want to kiss again later.

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