Original wedding proposals ideas

We all can’t wait for this day. Some of us have been dreaming about it since we were young. Here are some original ideas to inspire you or your partner when the day comes!


Chocolate is the food of love! Ask a chocolate maker to create truffles and hide the ring inside one! You can also buy letter molds and spell out your proposal in chocolate!

The Newspaper

Chose her favorite section and take out an ad so you can let your creative juices flow. Imagine her surprise when she turns the pages and sees your masterpiece!

On the Radio

Radio hosts love nothing more than helping you make your proposal unforgettable! Make sure your sweetheart is listening to the radio and don’t be shy to express your feelings profusely! Ladies around Quebec will be swooning and yours will feel very special!

Nostalgic memories

Do you remember your first date? It was so romantic! Plan the same evening so you can relive those magic moments and end the night with the big proposal! She will be touched by your attention to details!


Record your proposal on a DVD. Suggest renting a new release at the video store and when she is not looking, replace the new release with your personal DVD. Snuggle up on the sofa and watch her surprise!

At the aquarium

If your girlfriend likes fish, invite her to the aquarium and ask the divers to hold up a sign that says « Will you marry me? » up to the glass. What a pretty picture this will make with all the colorful fish swimming around.

The treasure hunt

Send her on a treasure hunt! Start the hunt at home with a clue that will send her to all her favorite spots around town. For a romantic touch, attach little notes with the clues recalling perfect moments in your relationship along the way. Once she gets to the end, she will see you, down on one knee. What a wonderful prize!

With the family

There’s nothing better than to be surrounded by family when the time comes to propose. Ask each guest to wear a shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase « Will you marry me? » Once everyone is present, suggest a family picture and let the shirts speak for you!

The picture album

Borrow her digital camera and head to her favorite spots around town. Ask a friend to take pictures of you holding signs with the words « Will » « you » « marry » « me? » in the different spots. Once you are home, ask her to upload the pictures on a computer. She will never see it coming!

Image de Mariem Melainine

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