Talking to your daughter about her periods

Being girl

Several websites can also give reliable information to your daughters while being friendly and electronic (like everything they love!). Among them, Being Girl drew our attention. This very clever website was designed to help young girls learn more about their periods and how to manage them. It also helps them feel better about their femininity in an appropriate vocabulary.

Don’t hesitate to send them there and tell them to ask questions if they need further information. That way, they will feel comfortable talking to you but they will also have a reliable source of information if they prefer to be discreet.

Maxi pads and tampons

Obviously, if periods are taboo, tampons are even worse! If the subject presents itself or if she finds maxi pads or tampons and ask questions, take this opportunity to talk about it. You can even show her how the absorption of both products works with a bowl of blue water (like in the ad). Of course it will be slightly ridiculous but ridiculous is better than awful and serious. The last thing you want is to make periods sound like a disease.

Because we don’t choose the date and time of our first periods, it would be wise to prepare an emergency kit for school. Put a maxi pad, a washcloth and extra underwear in a discreet bag that she will leave in her bag or in her locker… just in case!

When will it start?

Do you remember when you had your first periods? Your daughter will probably have hers around the same age, although it can occur anytime between 8 and 13 years old. Yes, it can be as early as 8 years old, so don’t delay! Your daughter could be very worried if her menstruations arrived and if she didn’t know what is going on. If her breasts began to develop and if she has a bit of armpit hair growing, you should start the talking because usually, the periods appear 12 months after the first hair.

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