The first school day

This it it! Your child is starting school! The first school year may be very exciting for children but it makes many mothers sad.

For the first time, your child will wait for the big school bus that will take him to the place where he will learn to read. It is a whole new world that opens up for him. It is also a huge step towards independence that can break your heart, especially if you thought that your little child would be your baby forever.

Stress or joy?

For some children, the months that come before the first school day never go by fast enough. They talk about teachers, black boards, desks and schoolmates with a lot of happiness in their voice and their joy is contagious. Anyway, as parents, you would never give them reasons to worry if they are happy to go. For other children, it is more difficult.

For them, school is an abstract and mysterious notion that can be a bit scary. If that is how your child sees school, do not hesitate to spend some time in the schoolyard during the summer. That is the best way for a child to get to know his way around and if you are lucky, it will make his want to see what’s inside.

The end of daycare

Another huge source of emotion is the end of daycare. At daycare, your child was a star. He had responsibilities, good friends, knew the whole staff and was one of the big kids His daycare teacher knew your name, you knew who she was and it had become some kind of mom’s club. It is very hard for some mothers to leave that place where everyone was so friendly and kind.

Stay-at-home moms

For stay-at-home moms, a child starting school changes life a lot. These moms who used to spend the whole day with their child ill now see him or lunch (maybe) and in the evening. These moms who used to plan their child’s schedule and meals, who could balance learning and entertainment time will now have to get used to hear only glimpses of their child’s day. Often, for stay-at-home moms, the separation is harder than for their children who had a lot of time with their mom and now want to see other children during the day. However, it is possible that your child finds it hard to be separated for the first time. If this is the case, trust your kindergarten teachers who will work with you to make sure that your child’s first year goes well.

My baby grew up so fast!

You will probably find it difficult at first to realize that your child is not a baby anymore. He goes to the big school now. If some mothers will be lad to see their little one using all the knowledge that they have and getting a bot of a challenge, others will feel older and will fear that all of these precious moments are over. If that is how you think, you should know that elementary school is just another chapter and there are many great moments ahead. You may feel a bit out of place at first but you will soon find your place.

In the meantime, it is okay to shed a tear when you watch your child walking towards school with his huge backpack. You won’t be the only mom who will cry a little bit on the way back home.

Image de Anne Costisella

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